North Texas Universities Film Festival, an annual exhibition of the best of SMU, UTA and UNT March 5th at 7:30 pm at the Texas Theatre

Dallas’ incentive program is paying off: Episodes from 25 scripted TV shows and more than 120 commercials for brands as big as Toyota, Hasbro, and Adidas, were shot in 2017 alone.

The city has worked to rig its surroundings with more offerings than just open space for filming. Young Dallasites and transplants to the city can learn film craft at Southern Methodist University or The University of Texas at Arlington, and University of North Texas. These schools offer a variety of film and film-related bachelors and masters programs, including Interactive Media, Film Studies, Video Game Development, and even a doctorate in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication.


Director: Alex Sigtenhorst
 Key cast: Elizabeth Cathcart, Will Jones
Class: SMU Production 3

The Laden Avarice
TRT: 6:32 min
Directed by: Ian Berry
The world Mick knew has been obliterated by another man's greed. Now Mick's destiny leads him into a vendetta where only one man will be left standing. Can Mick make it out or will his vengeance be for naught? Follow him on his journey through the backlots of an urban landscape and into The Laden Avarice.

Hugo's Plane
Jo-x Cruz A young, privileged boy name Hugo and his childhood friend Jacob sneakily play one night but Hugo becomes frustrated and the two cause a fight that wakes the household. Hugo's mother takes advantage of this scenario and fires Jacob's mother the household maid. This causes a rift between the families and Hugo begins to see the world for its harsh realities.
Narrative Class. UTA

Spirit of Thanksgiving 10 min
Directed by: Brandon Rivera
Film Styles production class

It’s Jennifer’s first Thanksgiving with Landon, and she is eager to make a good first impression on his friends. Once dinner is served, however, she notices something at the table is amiss. Upon mentioning it, she triggers traumatic flashbacks of a painful ER. As Jennifer desperately tries to lighten the mood, the situation only worsens. Haunted by their troubling past, the group will eventually be forced to face their grief head-on.

Tale of Two Children
Emma Breslauer

A young wealthy girl stuck at a party full of two-dimensional adults sneaks a hungry peasant boy inside, and the pair try all they can to raid the buffet table.
Stop motion animation class. UTA

Director: Jocelyn Alvarado
Class: Production 1

Hien Dinh
A young Vietnamese-American girl struggles to communicate to her immigrant mom about an altercation with a bully.
Advanced Film Video UTA

Queen Sky
Director: Will Robertson
Key cast: Joe Hoselton
Class: Production 1 SMU

Fit 13 min

Directed by: Rudy Cervantez
"An army veteran turned personal trainer pursues a career in bodybuilding."
Grad UNT

As Through Fire
Director: Matthew Hoenig
Key cast: George Welder, Erica Lindell
Class: Production 2. SMU

Chicago Lady
Joshua Gallas
In a search for closure after the death of his wife, Leroy begins to shut out what once bound the two together: music.
Grad Student UTA